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Turn around your stock in record time.

Sales people can spend many wasted hours every month sending emails and leaving voice mails that go unanswered. Use our award-winning video software to create personalised videos and sell more cars, more quickly.

Award-winning video software
Our unique, award-winning video software allows car dealerships to create personalised, walkaround videos of their stock on any device.

Start with a personal intro, include the walkaround, add a finance example perhaps then simply drag and drop the clips into a single video and send to your customer via email or SMS.

You can see exactly when it was watched, for how long and on what device - plus you have the option to receive real-time alerts as it's happening, triggering the next sales action.

See an example personalised video response to an enquiry

(produced entirely using vCreate)

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vCreate for Car Dealerships can be used to ...

Produce personalised responses to sales enquiries to stand out from the crowd

Add an interactive Call-To-Action within the video to encourage next steps

See when the customer watched and for how long to trigger a sales action

Deliver your sales message to any customer, on any device at any time

Inexpensively produce more video for your wider sales & marketing activity

Enable customers to see work completed by the service department on-demand

Keep your customers, prospects and staff up-to-date with news and updates


Personalised responses.

Happy customers.

Increased margins.

Let your sales team produce personalised videos for customers and prospects quickly and easily.
Create video clips using a webcam, mobile and PowerPoint. No software needed.
Drag and drop the video clips into a single video hosted on a personalised webpage.
Add your contact details at a key point within the video and send by email / SMS.
See when it's watched, for how long and on what device. Receive alerts as it's happening.
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