Time For a Fresh Approach to Video Analytics?

21 July 2017

Time For a Fresh Approach to Video Analytics?

Few people would argue with the view that we’ve become a society obsessed with data; we have algorithms to predict which employees to hire (yes really), and fridges that monitor your eating habits and beep at you when you’ve run out of eggs.

The digital revolution has enabled marketers to move beyond the knowledge we hold about a consumer’s age, job title and hobbies, to an intent-based model. Data Evangelist for Google, Avinash Kaushik, says that brands now need to look for signals that show consumers’ intent, and they should use those insights to guide them in deciding what piece of content will work best for person X in that moment. This video explains the approach.

Out of all the methods marketing managers have in their arsenal, video is one of the most popular in terms of consumption; 55% of people watch videos online every day (MWP). It is also one of the most effective at establishing user intent, but few brands have a strategy for a) capturing the intent, and, b) using that intent or behaviour signal to make an impact.

Let’s look at how an online video platform might help.

Say I am a provider of bespoke package tours. Customer A has been on my website for 5 minutes and 30 seconds. They watched two videos about Africa tour packages from start to finish. They also played the Oz experience video, but stopped watching halfway in. This information tells us one of two things. First up, this individual could be more serious about Africa as a travel destination. Or, the video of the Oz experience didn’t resonate.

When this data is filtered down to your marketing automation system, you can see how it accelerates the depth of knowledge you have about customer, as well as helping you prioritize the flow of content to your audience.

A video view on YouTube is still the universally accepted metric of measuring video content’s success, but it isn’t always an accurate reflection of how your content is performing. A good online video platform will be able to tell you in real-time who is watching your video, whether they’ve watched the whole piece. It will also identify sticky points (where a user drops-out before the video finishes, or pauses). The savvy marketing manager can then use those insights to make intelligent business decisions.

For more information about in-video analytics and the benefits of allowing your online video platform to talk to your marketing automation system, get in touch theteam@vcreate.tv.