Secure video messaging technology to minimise separation anxiety in parents of premature infants in Neonatal Units

Secure video messaging technology to minimise separation anxiety in parents of premature infants in Neonatal Units

For parents of premature infants, keeping updated on their baby's progress and feeling involved in their care provides reassurance and minimises separation anxiety during a very difficult time. Now Neonatal Units can do more than ever to support parents with vCreate's pioneering secure video messaging service.

Families across the UK are receiving secure video updates of their baby with Unit staff recording special moments for parents to keep forever. vCreate technology is making a positive difference to families in Units from London to Glasgow.

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Secure Video Messaging technology to minimise separation anxiety in parents of premature infants


Case Study: The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

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The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow is the largest paediatric teaching hospital in Scotland with its level 3 neonatal unit caring for over 800 babies per year.

vCreate enables nurses to record video messages securely and send them to parents. Mums and dads can access the clips at any time and through any device. Then, when the baby goes home, parents can download the clips, and save them to form part of a baby care diary.

We worked closely with the hospital's governance and IT team to ensure that the platform adhered to the extremely high data protection, privacy and security standards required by such an application. Due to the success in Glasgow, the system is now being rolled out to other Neonatal Units across the UK.


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" Many parents are not able to be with their baby in the Neonatal Unit all day; video updates are a brilliant way of providing reassurance to mums and dads during a stressful time because they can actually see their baby and ask questions. "
(Neil Patel, Consultant Neonatologist. The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow)

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Benefits for parents, babies and Units

Parents receive reassuring updates on baby's well-being when away from the Unit


Unit staff spend less time answering the phone and more time caring for babies


Wider family members, i.e. siblings, unable to attend the Unit become more involved


Secure video messaging is managed and controlled by the Unit staff at all times


Videos can be recorded on any device with the option to add personalised text to the video


Our innovative funding structure means your Unit could qualify for the service at no cost

How it works
How it works

Unit staff record short video updates of babies for parents to watch when away from the Unit. These are recorded on any device with a camera i.e. mobile phone, tablet etc. vCreate are hoping to provide each Unit with a dedicated device as part of the initiative.


The videos are stored securely on the vCreate platform. Parents register for an account which is then approved by the Unit staff. Once approved, Unit staff assign videos to the appropriate parent account.


Parents login to watch their baby’s videos at any time on any device and are alerted when new videos are available. A baby care video diary builds up over time which the parents have access to 24 hours per day. The Unit can see when the videos are being watched for auditing purposes.


Unit staff record videos when they have time and not at a prescribed rate. This process will have no impact on their clinical duties and the videos do not contain any sensitive clinical information.


If the baby is transferred to a new Unit, the account and videos move with them. When the baby leaves the Unit, parents are able to download their baby's videos to keep. At this point the Unit delete the videos and remove the account for Data Protection purposes.

Innovative Funding

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