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Add value. Retain clients. Increase margins.

Seeing candidate videos before interview or receiving progress updates can help streamline your client's recruitment efforts whilst adding value in a competitive market.

Award-winning video software
Our unique, award-winning video software allows candidates to record short introductory video clips using their webcam or mobile.

Once you have created a shortlist, you simply drag and drop the selected candidate clips into a single video, attach their CVs and send to the client via email or SMS to view on any device.

You can see exactly when your client watched, for how long and on what device - plus you have the option to receive real-time alerts as it's happening.
" Over 75% of organisations think using video within recruitment is the next best thing to face-to-face. "
(Society for Human Resource Management)

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vCreate for Recruitment can be used to ...

Pre-screen candidates quickly, efficiently and with confidence through video

See the person behind the CV before spending valuable time on interview

Deliver shortlisted candidates directly to the client's desktop or device

Track when the client watched and for how long to trigger interview actions

Receive candidate suitability feedback and insight with real-time analytics

Stand out from the competition by adding value and demonstrating innovation

Deliver regular video updates to keep clients and candidates up-to-speed

Inexpensively produce more video to complement your wider marketing activity


Retained clients.

Less rebates.

Increased margins.

Let your team produce personalised videos for your clients quickly and easily.
Allow candidates to create introductory video clips using their webcam or mobile.
Drag and drop the candidate clips into a single client video hosted on a secure webpage.
Attach their CVs, add your contact details within the video and send by email or SMS.
See when the client watched, when and for how long. Receive an alert as it happens.
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