Neonatal Units

vCreate Neonatal Video Diaries brighten the hospital experience for parents of premature and sick babies, because nurses are able to make videos of babies and send them to mum and dad when they are not able to be in the Neonatal Unit.

Once parents have signed up for an account, (a quick and easy process that takes about two minutes); they can start to receive video messages of their baby on their smartphone.

vCreate is a family integrated neonatal care initiative that helps to comfort and support parents during one of the worst times in their life. vCreate is a lifeline for worried parents, and it allows them to feel closer to their baby and more involved in their child's care (outcomes that are both associated with the mental wellbeing of parents).

Read more on how video updates help to reduce separation anxiety or hear from parents and staff in units already using the service.

Regular video updates provide reassurance and can help minimise separation anxiety


NHS Trusted, Secure Video Messaging is safe to use and accessible on any device, 24/7


Parents can share videos with siblings and extended family to help keep everyone involved


What other support is available to parents in a neonatal unit?

The first time in a Neonatal Unit can be overwhelming but there's lots of help and support available to parents. To make it easier for you, we've compiled a list of useful resources for parents:

A Stay in Neonatal Care: An Animated Guide - A video produced by the South West Neonatal Network and the NICU Foundation; it covers what to expect as a parent.

Ten Brilliant Ways NICUs are Supporting Preemie Parents

Knitting and Needlework: Crafting in and for the Neonatal Unit

Kangaroo Care Awareness Day is an annual event which takes place on 15th May, to highlight the importance and benefits of touch for babies and their parents. Kangaroo Care can be especially beneficial for families with a baby who has been born prematurely or is poorly and receiving care in the neonatal unit, where they can be monitored and given specialist care where appropriate.

Neonatal Mental Health Awareness - A Facebook Group set up by charity, Leos, dedicated to supporting NICU families through their journey.

Family Integrated Neonatal Care - This website provides tools and resources that support the implementation of FICare, a model that sees parents as partners in care.


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