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Secure Video Technology connecting patients, families and clinical teams for improved diagnostic management and enhanced family-focused care

Secure Video Technology connecting patients, families and clinical teams for improved diagnostic management and enhanced family-focused care

vCreate is an NHS Trusted secure video messaging service that helps patients, families and clinical teams stay connected throughout their care journey.

Used in over 150 units globally, the vCreate service has so far helped support more than 20,000 families with separation anxiety, clinical diagnoses and care management.

vCreate Diaries, a secure video diary service keeping families updated when their loved one is in hospital, and vCreate Neuro, a secure clinical video service to support diagnosis and management within Neurology, enable videos to be uploaded from any device to the secure vCreate platform and shared with approved recipients.

Winner of the Health Tech News 'Winner of the Year' award
Winner of the Health Tech News "Winner of the Year" award

Winner of the UK NTA 'Healthcare Technology of the Year' award
Winner of the UK NTA "Healthcare Technology of the Year" award

Winner of the Health Tech Digital 'Best Communication Solution' award
Winner of the Health Tech Digital "Best Communication Solution" award


Enhanced Family-focused care.

Increased patient empowerment.

Strengthening relationships between clinical teams, patients and families.


Faster, more accurate diagnosis.

Prevention of unnecessary, costly investigations.

Increased and equitable access to patient populations with remote care.


NHS Trusted in the UK.

Improved data security and clinical governance.

Powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud with advanced data security and encryption.

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In the news

In the news
In the news

What families are saying

What families are saying
" I loved having the vCreate videos sent to me when my daughter was in special care last month at DVH. It really is a lovely thing that makes the experience a lot easier, especially having other children at home and not being able to be in the hospital 24/7. Wish it would have been around when my son was in there in 2017! " Bethany

" I recommend this service to every parent in my position. I am beyond grateful to the staff for sending me my little videos. You can always have another peek at them, and they just keep you sane in the knowledge that they are getting the best care possible. All hail EVERY neonatal staff member, as they all go out of their way to make your journey as stress free as possible. Unbelievably grateful. " Claire

" Thank you for sending us these lovely videos almost daily, makes us feel comfortable when we are not with our boy, and our little girl also loves seeing these videos of her brother. We wake up and look forward to them! Staff go above and beyond! " Emma

Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

" Video messaging is a welcome addition to our pioneering family integrated care approach. Parents say that receiving video updates of their child provides reassurance during a stressful time and access to the secure baby-care video diary ensures that special moments that may have been missed before the introduction of video technology, can now be kept forever. "

Liz McKechnie, Consultant Neonatologist. Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Greater Glasgow & Clyde

" vCreate Neuro has transformed how we use carer-recorded video in our service. We are diagnosing epilepsy more rapidly, preventing misdiagnosis and saving unnecessary investigations. Families feel in more control and better connected to the service. "

Professor Sameer Zuberi, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist and Chair International League Against Epilepsy Commission on Classification & Terminology 2014-17

Clinical & Information Governance

Microsoft Azure
Powered by Microsoft Azure with Advanced Threat Protection and Encryption-at-Rest.


NHS Digital Tools Library
Listed on the NHS Digital Tools Library, Cyber Essentials certified and registered with the UK ICO.


Information Governance
Assessed and approved by Information Governance teams in over 100 UK NHS Trusts


Customisable digital consent
Customisable digital consent for regulatory compliance within Paediatric and Adult services


Regular CREST-certified Penetration Testing.
Bespoke DPIA, DPA and JWA documentation. Regular CREST-certified Penetration Testing.


Adherence to the oWASP Top Ten
Adherence to the oWASP Top Ten with a security-first approach to DevOps

Available Internationally
vCreate is currently used by healthcare teams across the UK and Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand and North America.

Available internationally in English language. Other languages will be available from mid 2021 (TBA).

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NHS Trusted

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