vCreate for Adult ICUs throughout COVID-19
We are now able to offer our Secure Video Messaging service to NHS Adult ICUs to support family communications throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks to our technology partners, we can provide this at a significantly reduced rate on flexible monthly terms which can be cancelled at any time. Please visit for more information.
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Secure Video Messaging technology to help minimise separation anxiety in parents of children in Neonatal and Paediatric Units

Secure Video Messaging technology to help minimise separation anxiety in parents of children in Neonatal and Paediatric Units

vCreate is a Secure Video Messaging service that allows clinical teams in Neonatal and Paediatric Units to send video updates to parents for those times when they're unable to be with their child.

Available to units around the world and NHS Trusted in the UK, our unique, sponsor-based funding model means the service is free to Units and parents.

Book a demo to see how vCreate benefits families and supports Family-Integrated Care.

Winner of the Health Tech News "Winner of the Year" award

Shortlisted for PEN ‚ÄčNational ‚Äč"Communicating Effectively with Patient and Families" award - Derriford NICU, Plymouth

Winner of the UK NTA "Healthcare Technology of the Year" award

Regular video updates provide reassurance and are accessible on any device, 24 hours per day

Supports FICare - siblings, grandparents and extended family become more involved

Our sponsor-led funding model means your Unit could qualify for the service at no cost

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Neonatal Case Study: The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

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The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow is the largest paediatric teaching hospital in Scotland with its Level 3 Neonatal Unit caring for over 800 babies per year.

vCreate enables nurses to record video messages securely and send them to parents. Mums and dads can access the clips at any time and through any device. Then, when the baby goes home, parents can download the clips, and save them to form part of a baby care diary.

We worked closely with the hospital's governance and IT team to ensure the application adhered to the highest data protection, privacy and security standards expected by the NHS.


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" Many parents are not able to be with their baby in the Neonatal Unit all day; video updates are a brilliant way of providing reassurance to mums and dads during a stressful time because they can actually see their baby and ask questions. "

Neil Patel, Consultant Neonatologist. The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow

Your Unit could receive vCreate at no cost!

Secure Video Messaging can be funded through corporate or charity sponsorship.

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