Clinical video management software supporting rapid, precision diagnostics and decision-making

  • Securely manage videos, photos and multi-language clinical data from patients and colleagues
  • Increase capacity and digitise pathways with seamless referrals to internal and external teams
  • Reduce cost and improve operational efficiency through cloud-based integration with the EHR


Clinical video management software supporting rapid, precision diagnostics and decision-making

  • Securely manage videos, photos and multi-language clinical data from patients and colleagues

  • Increase capacity and digitise pathways with seamless referrals to internal and external teams

  • Reduce cost and improve operational efficiency through cloud-based integration with the EHR


Trusted by healthcare partners around the world

  • NHS Lothian
  • GOSH
  • Sheffield
  • Bochum
  • Evelina
  • UHC Wales
  • CUH
  • Southampton
  • GGC
  • Newcastle

How it works
Patients/carers are invited by email or SMS to register for an account and provide appropriate consent.

Once activated, patients/carers upload videos and photos, and answer specialty-based clinical questions on their mobile device.

Clinicians access patient videos, photos and data for review on any device at any time.

They can securely share patient data, including screen recordings of test results or investigations, with colleagues and specialist teams for second opinion.

Clinical notes are added along with specialty classifications. Teams can communicate with patients/carers in multiple languages with auto-translation.

Clinical data automatically integrates with Electronic Health Record systems supporting FHIR.

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Health Economic Report

Health Economic Report

Healthcare Improvement Scotland published a 2022 report into vCreate for the diagnosis and management of adults and children with epilepsy and other neurological disorders.​

Findings show that 93% of clinicians felt that it was useful in making a diagnosis and 97% felt it improved the quality of care provided. Upon referral, vCreate can reduce patient waiting times by up to 90%.

Read the report summary for more findings on how NHS Scotland achieved clinical efficiencies through reduced waiting lists and service improvement.

Benefits for everyone

Improve diagnostics and monitoring

  • Speedier, more accurate diagnosis

  • Remotely monitor and support patients with ongoing conditions

  • Share data with colleagues and different specialties for second opinions


Create clinical efficiencies

  • Reduce waiting lists with remote triage

  • Prioritise patient groups to maximise impact of care

  • Increase capacity by optimising workforce productivity


Empower patients and families

  • Strengthen relationships with clinical teams

  • Communicate in multiple languages with auto-translation

  • Greater convenience and peace of mind for patients, families and carers


Transform services

  • Digitise clinical care pathways

  • Integrate videos, photos and data with any FHIR Electronic Health Record

  • Improve remote care, minimise patient travel and reduce carbon emissions


EHR Integrations

vCreate utilises SMART on FHIR for single sign-on, secure access to patient videos, photos and clinical data directly from within the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Referrals across specialties are seamless without the need for external permission management with all access managed via the EHR.

Healthcare organisations no longer need to internally configure, manage and maintain expensive clinical video/photo asset estates. vCreate provides video upload validation, video transcoding, a regional video-optimised storage and delivery infrastructure, as well as backup, disaster recovery and maintenance functions, all within a single subscription service.​

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Adult and Paediatric Neurology teams are able to:

  • Remotely diagnose and manage neurological conditions

  • Triage patients quickly and reduce waiting lists

  • Reduce rates of misdiagnosis

  • Enable teaching and research with digital consent

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General Paediatrics
General Paediatrics

General Paediatric teams in hospitals are able to:

  • Quickly triage and refer patients to the right specialist

  • Reduce waiting times following referrals from primary care

  • Avoid unnecessary travel and carbon emissions

  • Streamline communication between specialties

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Speech & Language / Autism

Clinical teams in hospitals and the community are able to:

  • Receive and review video assessments recorded in the home

  • Triage patients remotely and reduce waiting lists

  • Diagnose with greater accuracy and speed

  • Monitor progress and provide ongoing support

Case study »

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vCreate Forms

vCreate Forms

Our vCreate Forms feature allows clinical users to digitise paper forms and share reminders with patients, families and staff.

From epilepsy passports to medication checklists, all the forms are completely customisable. Published forms can be accessed and responses monitored remotely, uploaded to the Electronic Health Record and shared with other services to enhance multi-centre collaboration and ensure consistency of care.

What clinicians are saying
The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, UK
     vCreate has transformed how we use carer-recorded video in our service. We are diagnosing epilepsy more rapidly and preventing misdiagnosis. Families feel more in control and better connected to the service.     

Professor Sameer Zuberi, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist. The Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, UK
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK
     vCreate has had a particular impact on our epilepsy surgery programme. Children being evaluated for epilepsy surgery, for whom we can obtain good home videos of their seizures, can sometimes avoid prolonged admissions to hospital to capture seizures on EEG. This speeds up the process of determining whether surgery is an option, a treatment which can potentially cure their epilepsy, and also means that prolonged inpatient investigations are targeted at those children for whom there is no alternative.     

Dr Robert Robinson, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist. Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK
The Royal Hospital for Children and Young People, Edinburgh
     We found vCreate easy to use and straightforward to explain to families. Even when face to face appointments or live consultations were viable, the pre-recorded patient videos acted as a useful supplement to help direct our focus of care, highlighting any potential issues with a baby's development.     

Hilary Cruickshank, Clinical Specialist Neonatal Physiotherapist, Edinburgh, UK
Cardiff and Vale UHB, Cardiff
     vCreate has given us a safe and convenient way for patients to send in videos and for these to be reviewed and commented on, with good governance and documentation. This has allowed us to move away from patients trying to email videos, sending in pen drives or just showing videos on their own phones in clinic. The system brings efficiencies for the team, and better access to seizure videos that can be key in making the right diagnosis.     

Dr Khalid Hamandi, Consultant Neurologist, Cardiff, UK

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Enhanced Security and Clinical Safety

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Powered by Microsoft Azure with security features including Web Application Firewall, Advanced Threat Protection and Encryption-at-Rest.


Compliant with HIPAA / DTAC
Compliant with HIPAA / DTAC inc. DCB 0129 (Clinical Safety Management), Cyber Essentials certified and registered with the UK ICO.


Information Governance
Approved by more than 150 Healthcare Organisations around the world with regular CREST-certified Penetration Testing.



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