Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Personalised Video


Precision targeting and increased personalisation

Use our unique, award-winning video platform to deliver personalised videos with precision targeting in a way that helps move customers through the buying journey more quickly and with greater sales impact.

Either use the platform on a self-service basis or contact us to talk with one of our ABM consultants to help get you started with great content and a winning strategy.

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Win over hearts and minds

Win over hearts and minds

Create personalised videos that will delight and engage your customers in a whole new way.

Let your ABM team produce personalised and targeted videos quickly and easily.
Create videos with webcam, mobile and PowerPoint ... all through a browser.
Upload existing video assets and re-edit them with 3 simple steps.
Select the clips you want to use and vCreate blends them together & serves in the cloud.
See who's watched your videos, for how long and on what device. Integrate into your CRM.
Get started on this award-winning platform from £375 per month with no contract.

vCreate for ABM can be used to ...

Provide relevant and engaging videos to every individual in every account

Review who has watched what and when to trigger sales actions

Use fully measured video at every stage of the buying journey

Deliver consistent messages to any device, anywhere at any time

Add an interactive Call-To-Action within the video to maximise impact

Link into Customer Relationship Management tools