Enhance customer relationships with Personalised Video

Using Personalised Video is a great way to stay in touch. It's also the perfect way to keep your customers up to date with new offers in the most effective way possible.

It's really simple to use and detailed statistics on when your video has been watched means that you can take action to move the sale to the next stage in the buying process.



  • Enhances customer relationships by bringing an 'emotional connection' to your communication
  • Simplifies the introduction of new propositions, quickening the sales process
  • Clearly differentiates you from the competition - Innovative, unique and game-changing *
  • Analytics for measurable ROI
* vCreate won the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing 'Game Changer' award in Feb 14.

Because Business is Personal



Personalised Video marketing for campaigns that work

vCreate allows you to get the best use out of new or existing videos as well as providing cut through by truly personalising the experience for every customer. You can set up video based email campaigns quickly and easily with simple reporting to help measure your success.

Whether it's one-to-one or one-to-many, vCreate could change the way you market your products and services forever.



  • Measurable impact on marketing success
  • Delivers your videos to any device, anywhere in the world
  • Innovative game-changing differentiation*
  • Powers campaigns, either one-to-one or one-to-many
  • Easily integrated with other marketing automation tools
* vCreate won the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing 'Game Changer' award in Feb 14.

Let Personalised Video tell your story



Personal service has never looked this good

No two service calls are exactly the same.

vCreate allows service personnel to deal with issues quickly and efficiently, delivering the right video to the right user to ensure a first time fix as often as possible. Rich user data brings in a new level of insight and the creation of a video-based Knowledge Management system will cut times to fix and increase customer satisfaction.



  • Respond to service queries quickly and effectively with video
  • Increase service efficiency with first time fix
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Stand out from the competition

Transform your Service offer


Communications   (Internal / External)

Maximise the impact of your video communication

With vCreate TeamRooms you can simply record a video and send it securely to anyone in your team.

What's even better is that you can see who has watched what, when, and on what device and react accordingly, providing rich-data and feedback to further enhance your communication programmes. It's simple to set up and simple to use; the perfect tool for internal or external team communications.



  • Record and send videos to the team quickly and simply
  • Videos can be viewed on any device
  • Review who has watched what and when
  • Enable team comments for greater collaboration
  • Audience engagement analytics

Transform the way your business communicates


Training / Learning

Deliver relevant, effective learning with Personalised Video

Everyone's training needs are different.

vCreate allows you to send only the most relevant video clips depending on what each individual needs to know. Either linked to a Learning Management System or used independently, vCreate lets you know who has seen what and when and stores this information for future access. Further personalisation can be provided by trainers using a tablet or smartphone.



  • Provide relevant and engaging learning to every individual
  • Links with Learning Management Systems
  • Review who has watched what and when
  • Legal HR compliance met and reported (e.g. Health and Safety)
  • Deliver training to any device, anywhere at any time
  • Analytics integrated into learning records

Deliver relevant and personal learning to any device