Secure Internal Comms with Personalised Video


Reach the team's hearts and minds.

vCreate for Internal Communications makes it simple to record and send your video message to anyone or everyone in your organisation - and add animated PowerPoint too.

Security features mean that you can be sure that the video gets viewed by everyone you want to see it - and by no one you don't.

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  • NHS

Produce personalised videos for your team quickly and easily.
Create videos with webcam, mobile and PowerPoint ... all through a browser.
Upload existing video assets and re-edit them with 3 simple steps.
Select the clips you want to use and vCreate blends them together & serves in the cloud.
See who's watched your videos, for how long and on what device.
Get started on this award-winning platform from £375 per month with no contract.

vCreate for Internal Comms can be used to ...

Record and send videos to the team quickly and simply

Review who has watched what and when to ensure no one misses the message

Enable team comments for even greater colloboration

Deliver securely to any device, anywhere at any time

Add an interactive Call-To-Action within the video to maximise impact

Link data into HR/HC Management tools