A note to neonatal nurses regarding funding for vCreate

16 August 2019

A note to neonatal nurses regarding funding for vCreate

Are you ready to make your dreams for vCreate and FICare a reality but don’t know how to get there? You want to introduce video diaries to reduce stress and anxiety for parents, but you are struggling as there’s never enough funding to go around, and never enough of you to do all the things you want to do.

Learn how to write a winning funding application and make this happen!

Here’s the thing you need to know ... funding for vCreate is available from an abundance of sources and your hospital’s charity is a good place to start, they know you and appreciate how you work tirelessly to support parents in the Neonatal Unit and will want to see your success continue.

We know that having conversations about funding and money feels awkward because money isn’t why you do this, but only you can make video diaries a reality for your families. A mother waking up to a video of her baby provides a moment of happiness and much needed reassurance when she has spent the night away from her child.

You can make this possible by securing charity or corporate funding; if you take this action today, parents will receive videos and photos through vCreate for free and the service will come at no cost to your unit. vCreate is an award-winning system, the very best in class and that’s what your parents deserve, the very best!!

If you are reading this and thinking about the fear of being rejected, or that applying for funding is something else to add to your pile of admin, we can help you. If you are ready to receive a big YES to your funding application, send us an email to book your 1-2-1 consultation with Sarah, our charity specialist, who will help you to write a funding application and help bring vCreate to you your unit.