Angela from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, you are a NICU Superhero!

04 November 2022

Angela from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, you are a NICU Superhero!

Rachel has nominated Angela from Stoke Mandeville Hospital for our NICU Superhero Award!

When her son, Zak, was born at 34 weeks and 6 days gestation, Rachel was so grateful to Angela for her support.

"Zak was born in Milton Keynes University Hospital as they couldn't accommodate for us both at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Zak suffered from birth trauma and issues with his lungs which meant he needed a chest drain and assistance with his breathing.

Zak then had to be taken to John Radcliffe Hospital for more intensive monitoring and was ventilated.

He made great progress there and was moved back to Stoke Mandeville Hospital where we could finally take a breath!

Zak's time there was spent learning to feed and ensuring he put on weight.

Angela was such a great support to us. She helped us to try and breastfeed and let us digest everything that had happened.

Ange was literally a shoulder to cry on when Zak hadn't put on enough weight to come home.

She was not only an incredible nurse but also a rock for me and my husband.

She sat and listened to our challenging journey, gave cuddles, and always had a smile.

On the day Zak was discharged, she was amazing at ensuring all the tests were done in time and gave us lots of hints and tips on how best to look after Zak when he came home.

Ange is dedicated to all the babies in the NICU.

We are eternally grateful to have met her!"

Zak is now doing incredibly well at home.

Congratulations, Angela!

The way you lend a listening ear to families during such difficult times is so important.

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