Bonnie’s mum Siobhan nominates Sara as her NICU Superhero

15 November 2019

Bonnie’s mum Siobhan nominates Sara as her NICU Superhero

November is Prematurity Awareness Month and we have been talking quite a bit about premature birth and the impact that it has on babies and their families, but not all babies in the neonatal unit are born prematurely.

Siobhan’s little girl Bonnie was born full term at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow in April last year. Bonnie needed help breathing after a quick arrival, she was swallowing fluids and developed jaundice. Siobhan told us about her family’s experience in the neonatal unit:

"Although we only spent a week in NICU before getting Bonnie home, I cannot thank the staff there enough for all the help given to not only Bonnie, but also myself and my family. The first week of her life was the most scariest and roller-coaster week of my life, but stepping into the NICU ward I felt at total peace seeing how well looked after she was, with the care and expertise given by the team."

Siobhan is grateful to the entire NICU team, but would like to say a special thank you to one nurse in particular:

"I would like to nominate Sara Janssen as my NICU Superhero as she always took the time to explain things over and over with us. She allowed my mum, Bonnie’s Grandmother, to change Bonnie's nappy as she hadn't been able to hold her or see her properly and she was due to leave for a holiday.

All of Bonnie's nurses will always hold a special place in our hearts, regardless of how short her time spent with them was. They brought my struggling 7lb 9oz baby back out the other side and I'll forever be grateful to them for that."

Congratulations to Sara and thank you to Siobhan for your nomination and for sharing your family's story, it's great to see Bonnie doing so well. You can watch Bonnie's journey through the neonatal unit here.

Siobhan recently took part in our campaign to raise awareness of life in the neonatal unit and offered this piece of advice to fellow NICU parents: "If you question anything at all, don't hesitate to ask any of the staff, even if you need to hear it over and over again, always ask and put your mind at ease."