Charitable funding for vCreate in the NICU

09 April 2024

Charitable funding for vCreate in the NICU

vCreate NICU Diaries is often funded by amazing charities that support neonatal units. Thanks to the funding from these organisations, our secure video diaries service is used to support family engagement in the NICU and enhance the family experience with videos, photos and messages to keep forever.

We asked some of the charities that fund our service to provide feedback on how the use of vCreate in the NICU can help keep families connected when they can’t be together:

"We are proud to pay for the use of vCreate on the Neonatal Unit at King's Mill Hospital and see the value of this for parents every day.  Especially for those who have to go home at night, they really value waking up to a video or photo of their baby, settled and happy. 

This reassurance is more than can be achieved through a telephone call, and the ability to download the visual updates means they are creating lasting memories. 

As a charity, our aim is to make life a little less stressful for families who find themselves with a baby or babies on the Neonatal Unit and vCreate really helps with this. It also greatly helps mum's who are expressing milk as it can give them a new video or photo to look at when they get up in the night to express.

 The addition of filters and images that relate to festivals, occasions and special times of year also add to the fun and cuteness of the app!"
– Clare, Foundation Manager, Emily Harris Foundation

Louise from Tiny Lives Trust received some parent feedback on how their funding of vCreate and the use of our service helped during their little one’s NICU stay:

“vCreate made us feel so comfortable throughout the whole experience. Receiving videos and photos of ‘N’ when we couldn’t be with him made us feel so warm inside, they definitely helped us through the sleepless nights without him.”

Lisa Thomson Stifora, Director of Communications and Stewardship with St. Boniface Hospital Foundation, Canada, shared her feedback after they funded vCreate:

“Helping bring this connective technology to parents to meet their emotional needs has been wonderful. We love sharing these stories with our donors and wider community, as it’s incredible to see the real-life impact this initiative continues to have.”

If your unit is interested in implementing vCreate in the NICU and looking for funding, your hospital charity might be able to help. Email us if you would like us to send you a fundraising pack.