Collaborative Care: The Impact of vCreate’s Neonatal Therapy and Follow-up Feature

11 March 2024

Collaborative Care: The Impact of vCreate’s Neonatal Therapy and Follow-up Feature

The neonatal journey doesn't always end at discharge from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). For many families, it is a continuous process, filled with milestones, challenges, and ongoing monitoring from clinicians, parents, and caregivers.

vCreate’s Neonatal Therapy and Follow-up feature supports Neonatal Therapists with rapid precision diagnostics and management, by facilitating the secure upload and access of assessment footage. Physiotherapy, OT, Dietetic, Psychology, and Speech and Language clinicians can record treatment sessions to vCreate, along with contextual data. These videos are then made available to the families, accessible in multiple languages, and integrated into the EHR (Electronic Health Record).

Parents and caregivers can also securely share smartphone-recorded videos and patient data for review to screen for early signs of adverse developmental outcomes.

The Follow-up feature has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both clinicians and caregivers alike. One parent shared, "We have used vCreate to regularly share updates about our daughter's progress, and the support and encouragement we have received has been invaluable."

NHS Highland were among the first health boards to implement vCreate across their Neonatal Follow-up services. Suzanne Offer, a Paediatric Physiotherapist from NHS Highland said, “With access to the asynchronous video pathway, we can ensure that more of our high-risk patients are regularly monitored.”

vCreate has become a lifeline for many parents navigating the complexities of post-discharge care. One parent shared, “After our discharge from the Neonatal unit, we worried about any developmental delays my daughter could face in the future due to being born at 25 weeks with a 500g birth weight. Having access to vCreate was a source of sanity for me. When concerned, I could easily upload a video/photo to vCreate and would receive a prompt response from the Neonatal Follow-up team with reassurance and advice.

Our General Movement Assessments were also carried out via vCreate. This gave an ‘easy way in’ to the NHS without having to schedule face-to-face appointments. vCreate is a wonderful tool and asset to the NHS.”

Another parent highlighted the importance of accuracy and confidence in performing therapeutic activities, stating, "We used vCreate to share how we were performing stretches on our daughter. It was essential that we performed them correctly and felt confident doing so.

vCreate is more than a resource for sharing information and content but offered us a safe space and additional reassurance.”

For more information, read our Follow-up case study here or email us to request a demo.