Congratulations to Gabriella from Singleton Hospital!

10 June 2022

Congratulations to Gabriella from Singleton Hospital!

Kirsty has nominated the lovely Gabriella from Singleton Hospital to be crowned a NICU Superhero!

Gabriella was the first nurse that Kirsty met during her son, Macsen's, neonatal stay and she will be forever grateful for her kindness and support.

"Gabby was just so kind and supportive. She always had time to explain anything we were unsure of.

At our most emotional times, she was a shoulder to cry on.

Gabby took immense care of our son and her passion and knowledge of the profession made me feel so at ease.

I felt so helpless, being unable to look after my baby but Gabby, along with other nurses, took the time to teach us how to care for him.

We were shown how to change his tiny nappies, take his temperature, wash him and give NG feeds. It meant so much that we could help in a small way.

Gabby ensured we were signed up to vCreate so we could receive updates on our baby.

Every time I got a notification, I was so excited! It really helped us to feel connected to our baby.

Gabby just brightens a room with her presence, and during such a dark time she was there to lift our spirits.

We will be forever grateful for all she did for us!"

What a touching nomination, Gabriella! The way you make parents feel at ease by explaining everything to them and empowering them in the care of their baby makes family's journeys that bit easier.

Congratulations to you!

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