Congratulations to Rosie from Aberdeen Maternity Hospital

24 May 2019

Congratulations to Rosie from Aberdeen Maternity Hospital

Our NICU Superhero award celebrates the wonderful work of neonatal teams and individuals, caring for the smallest and most vulnerable of us, poorly and premature babies. All nominations for the award are submitted by the parents of these poorly babies, as a thank you for the care and support which they and their babies have received. Today's nomination comes from Èva's mum, Stacey Schonborn.

Stacey's little girl Èva was born prematurely and spent the first three weeks of her life in the neonatal unit at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, it was here that Stacey met neonatal nurse, Rosie Moncur. Stacey told us why she wanted to nominate Rosie as her NICU Superhero:

"My little girl Èva was born seven weeks early in March this year. I was alone and had the worst and most frightening experience of my life ... my little girl had machines breathing for her for the first week.

I felt that Rosie was the person who understood and supported me through this. I wouldn’t have got through my time spent there if it wasn’t for her, her support and her kindness, she's such a genuine nurse. I felt that Rosie was my voice.

Èva is now doing superbly, she continues to amaze us every day."

Congratulations to Rosie and thank you Stacey for sharing your story, we are delighted to hear that Èva is doing well.

Would you like to nominate your NICU Superhero?

Has your baby been cared for in a neonatal unit? Do you know someone that you feel deserves a special thank you? To nominate a member of the neonatal team as your NICU Superhero, drop us an email, or send us a direct message via our Facebook or Twitter pages. All those nominated will receive a special NICU Superhero rosette and certificate!