Hayley from Milton Keynes is Hannah's NICU Superhero

28 August 2020

Hayley from Milton Keynes is Hannah's NICU Superhero

Today's NICU Superhero is Hayley from the neonatal unit at Milton Keynes University Hospital.

When Hannah Daley's little girl, Lexi, was born prematurely in November last year, she spent 6 days in the High Dependency Unit and 23 days in the neonatal nursery at Milton Keynes University Hospital. During this time, she was cared for by a wonderful team of people and one member helped care for her little girl in the unit and beyond. Here's what Hannah told us:

"I'd like to nominate Hayley Chandler, Neonatal/Community Neonatal Staff Nurse as my NICU Superhero.

Lexi was born prematurely at 31 weeks 6 days, weighing 3lbs 5oz, after my placenta ruptured following two weeks of on off bleeding. She is still under neonatal community care due to ongoing bowel issues and Hayley has been in contact and made weekly visits to weigh Lexi. She's also been there to answer any questions or concerns I might have about anything and everything.

Even when we were in a house fire and Lexi had to be ventilated, Hayley took care of her while I was hospitalised, until Lexi was sent to John Radcliffe Hospital, and even then she would call every couple of days for updates. I can't think what my life would have been like without Hayley and I'm so appreciative of everything she has done for me and my family.

She has been so supportive through everything we have gone through. She is a caring and compassionate person that I will be sad to see go when she has to discharge us from her care. Thank you for considering our nomination for Hayley, if it wasn't for the support of Milton Keynes neonatal team, we wouldn't have gotten through all the hardships and issues we've had in the last 9 months.

Lexi is now 9 months old and developing like a normal baby, she's crawling and even trying to stand, as well as weighing near enough 15lbs."

Congratulations to Hayley! Hannah, Lexi and her family have certainly been through a lot in the last few months and it's heartwarming to read how your support has helped, and continues to help them.

Here are some photos of the lovely Lexi that Hannah has shared with us, from NICU right through to today ... guess which is our favourite!