How to Use Video to Build a Better Customer Experience

18 May 2017

How to Use Video to Build a Better Customer Experience

Winning your customers’ affections is similar to finding your perfect match on Tinder. Your first meeting needs to go well for things to get off the ground. Then, in every encounter thereafter you will be judged and asked back for a second or third date if you hit it off. Customer experience (CX) is no different; customers want you to make them feel special, they want you to listen more than you talk, and show them regularly how much you care.

On the flipside, relationships break down due to lack of communication and broken trust. Seven-in-10 UK shoppers said they had such a bad experience at a particular store and would never return. An experience that is poor at any touchpoint, and your customers will look elsewhere; and why not? Customers have more choice than they’ve ever had, or to come back to Tinder, more matches to see.

The experience our customers have with brands influences commercial success, so maybe it’s time to start thinking of every interaction as an opportunity to impress. Here’s how you can build a better customer experience in your organisation with video:

Make your customers feel like they are the only ones that matter

By asking for regular feedback from the people who use your product, you’ll develop new products with the user in mind; and when things aren’t working, your customers will tell you. How will you collect the information? Feedback surveys are unlikely to give you a ‘warts and all’ view. Focus groups, on the other hand, provide rich data but could become expensive with travel and room hire factored. A meet-in-the-middle is personalised video. Why not send a one time secure video link to a cross-section of customers asking them to record their responses to your feedback questions at a time that suits them? Google Ventures have some solid advice for how to frame your questions in order to get the fullest response.

Give better support

Brands that deliver the best customer experience have their customers’ backs; they provide product information upfront so that customers can get started quickly; when something's broken, they fix it; savvy brands know that their customers can be their biggest advocates; they want customers to get the most out of their purchase so they go ahead and tell others brand a or b rocks! An internal personalised video platform could help you deliver a stand-out customer experience.

Personalise every interaction

Building a robust knowledge of an individual customer's preferences is now achievable thanks to CRMs and automation. However, true personalisation goes way beyond using a customer's first name in an email. vCreate takes personalisation to a new level by enabling sales teams to record videos tailored to specific enquiry responses, or as part of a wider account-based marketing campaign.

Lead with what makes you different

Obsessing about the competition won’t lead to an improved customer experience, but clarifying what your brand stands for and how is it distinctive, will. Personalised video enables teams to demonstrate originality in their communications and builds rapport with customers.

Nominate a customer experience champion

Customer experience usually falls under the marketing department’s responsibilities but there are advantages of having one person manage the relationship. As Matt Robinson, founder of online property service, Nested put it: “If it’s not one person’s responsibility then it’s no-one’s responsibility.” Part of the champions job will be to make sure that customer experience is part of the fabric of the organisation; and weekly vlogs will ensure all staff understand how they can deliver customer value within their roles.

Delivering a great customer experience is no cinch - but like a good match on Tinder, it will certainly be worth the effort!