Innovative technology tackling waiting lists for epilepsy patients

25 October 2023

Innovative technology tackling waiting lists for epilepsy patients

Currently, around 600,000 people are living with epilepsy in the UK, equating to roughly 1 in every 100 people. For these individuals, timely access to specialised care is essential as any delays to diagnosis or treatment can lead to serious complications.

However, as with many neurological conditions, waiting lists for appointments can be long and according to NHS figures analysed by the Neurological Alliance, there has been a 5,000% rise in the number of neurology patients who are having to wait more than a year for an appointment.

In recent years, the NHS has undergone a significant transformation to combat many challenges, including these extensive waiting lists. As part of the 2022 plan for digital health and social care, they aim to integrate a range of digital technologies into their services to improve remote care offerings, streamline patient pathways and provide patients with more agency over their care.

vCreate: Bridging the Gap with Asynchronous Video Technology

Developed to support remote monitoring and clinical decision-making, vCreate utilises asynchronous video technology to assist clinicians in accessing crucial patient videos and metadata. Patients and caregivers can securely share videos of seizures and concerning symptoms via the platform for clinical review and ongoing monitoring. vCreate brings forward the first clinical interaction with the neurologist, helping clinicians expedite the patient pathway, prioritise urgent cases and provide reassurance a lot faster.

The innovative technology is already helping clinicians manage their growing patient pools. A 2022 healthcare Improvement Scotland report on the impacts of vCreate found that the service is reducing patient waiting times by up to 90%, while 73% of paediatric clinicians found that the service allowed for a shorter time to treatment.

By facilitating remote access to care, vCreate allows epilepsy patients to update their clinical team throughout their care journey, ensuring they receive ongoing support, changes to their treatment plan and follow-up investigations within crucial timeframes.

As the NHS continues to embrace digital transformation, services such as vCreate provide an innovative solution to the burden of waiting lists for neurological patients, empowering individuals to access the care they need when they need it most.

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