Julie from Barnsley Hospital is a NICU Superhero!

01 July 2022

Julie from Barnsley Hospital is a NICU Superhero!

Corinne has nominated Julie from Barnsley Hospital for our NICU Superhero Award!

Corinne's daughter, Nola, arrived 8 weeks early and stayed in the neonatal unit for 31 days.

"Julie was an amazing support for myself and my daughter, Nola, during her NICU stay.

When Nola arrived early, I was an emotional wreck!

Julie treated me with the compassion of a friend whilst nursing my daughter with the utmost care.

I struggled to express breast milk for my daughter and Julie supported my desire to feed her.

She assisted me with feeding techniques and counselled me through my tears and frustrations.

I was so thankful that Julie was there at the end of our journey to discharge us.

Thank you, Julie!

Nola is now 7 weeks old and my milk supply is 100%."

Congratulations, Julie!

Your support for both Nola and Corinne during their time in the unit made a huge difference and has stayed with Corinne. Parents are very grateful for your advice and caring nature.

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