Karen from William Harvey Hospital is Bobbie’s NICU Superhero

28 February 2020

Karen from William Harvey Hospital is Bobbie’s NICU Superhero

It's time to reveal another parent nomination for our NICU Superhero Award! Today's nomination comes from Tina's mummy Bobbie King.

Bobbie contacted us when her daughter was receiving special care in the neonatal unit at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, to let us know about a super special member of the NICU team looking after her daughter Tina. Tina was born prematurely and arrived 9 weeks early and weighing just 2lb 5oz, now home and doing well, here's who Bobbie wanted to say an extra special thank you to:

"I would really love to nominate Karen Hughes from the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford as she has really helped me with my little girl Tina, she was born 9 weeks early and Karen looks after her quite a lot.

Karen helped me decide whether breastfeeding was good for me or not, supported me through it and helped me get a breast pump when I couldn't afford to hire one. She always asks how I am and has given me leaflets for emotional support and when I was upset gave me a cuddle, she is so supportive.

On days that she had our little Tina and I couldn't get up there, being poorly, she sent me videos and asked the doctors lots of questions on ward rounds. She knew I was feeling down and added me to the parent WhatsApp group to help me when our little girl had a blood transfusion and I was really upset about her having a set back.

She truly is an amazing NICU nurse and deserves credit for everything she has done for me and especially what she's done for Tina, our beautiful girl. I would have been a wreck if it hadn't been for Karen sometimes, such an amazing woman and NICU nurse. Thank you Karen, from Bobbie, Andrew and baby Tina."

Tina is now nearly 5 months old, home and doing really well. You can see her amazing progress for yourself as Bobbie has shared some precious photos (and a very special video) of her little girl that you can see over on our Facebook page.

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