Louise from Glasgow is once again crowned a NICU Superhero!

23 October 2020

Louise from Glasgow is once again crowned a NICU Superhero!

Today's NICU Superhero has received her second nomination, congratulations to Louise from Glasgow!

Freddie Feenie was born at 39 weeks gestation in February last year. Initially cared for by the neonatal team at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, he was later transferred to two other hospitals. Freddie's family met a number of incredible NICU Superheroes during their neonatal journey and his mum, Alana, would like to thank all those who cared for her little boy. Alana chose to nominate Louise Dalgleish for our NICU Superhero Award and here's why:

"Louise was always such a caring and compassionate nurse, she was also extremely hardworking. There were days I didn't think I would get through without her support. She always explained every situation to me, be it good or bad and kept me and my husband sane during our time in the NICU with our son.

Freddie was born in February 2019 and spent 6 weeks in the NICU, then he got transferred to a couple of other hospitals for a further 2 weeks before we went home. He was born at 39 weeks gestation and with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

I wanted to nominate Louise as she really made our time in the NICU. She felt more like a friend than a nurse and was always there for us. It was nice to have someone we could just have a chat with about 'normal' things and kept us sane during our time there. She was also always available to offer advice on Freddie's care and she would always explain things to us that we didn't quite understand.

I was always more than happy leaving Freddie in her care as I knew she cared about his recovery as much as we did and she always did everything in her power to progress his recovery when she was with him. She is such a hardworking and dedicated nurse, and she deserves all the recognition she can get!"

Congratulations to you Louise! Alana has shared some precious photos of her little Freddie and you can see them over on our Instagram page.

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