Marvellous Millie is receiving our Best Buddy Sibling Award this week!

17 March 2021

Marvellous Millie is receiving our Best Buddy Sibling Award this week!

"Thoughtful, creative, kind-hearted, caring, and hilarious." These are words that Roz and Neil have used to describe their remarkable little girl.

Roz and Neil are bursting with pride for their daughter, Millie (6). They have nominated her for our Best Buddy Sibling Award because she was such a superstar whilst her sister, Lucy, spent 142 days in the neonatal unit at Glasgow Children's Hospital.

"Millie's baby sister, Lucy, was born at 24 weeks and 1 day gestation. Millie was fortunate enough to visit her and even managed a cuddle before COVID-19 restrictions understandably meant she could no longer visit her sister.

Although she missed her sister, she was very brave. Millie would read stories to Lucy over video calls, send decorations for her incubator (including a life-sized hug!) and sing her songs.

Millie used to enjoy watching the vCreate videos of Lucy every night. She asked us if she could raise some money to buy the nurses an iPad so they could send more videos to families.

Through different challenges, Millie went on to raise £4700 for the neonatal unit and they were able to buy a couple of iPads!

Millie has been a superstar through a very challenging year and we can't begin to explain how proud of her we are.

She is absolutely the best big sister and we are sure Lucy has come on so much because of all the things Millie does with her."

Congratulations, Millie! You really are a super sister. Raising lots of money for the unit so they could buy iPads and keep other families connected is inspirational. Lucy is very lucky to have such a wonderful sister to look up to.

Our Best Buddy Sibling Award
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