NICU Superhero this week is Jade from Barnsley Hospital!

09 December 2022

NICU Superhero this week is Jade from Barnsley Hospital!

Joanna has been in touch to nominate the lovely Jade from Barnsley Hospital for our NICU Superhero Award.

When Joanna's daughter, Myla, had to stay in the neonatal unit, she was grateful to Jade for her amazing support.

"We were so lucky to have Jade care for Myla regularly throughout her NICU stay.

Jade understood how anxious I was but knew how to support me.

She would give me the gentle pushes I needed when Myla was ready to take another positive step when maybe I wasn't.

Jade took the time to really listen and she cared about helping me with my breastfeeding journey.

My husband and I are so thankful to Jade for giving us really positive moments during a very difficult time.

She made us really believe in ourselves as Myla's parents.

To us, Jade really has been a superhero and we cannot thank her enough."

Congratulations, Jade!

The way you care for parents and babies during extremely difficult times is really invaluable.

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