NICU Superhero this week is...Katie from Arrowe Park Hospital!

26 August 2022

NICU Superhero this week is...Katie from Arrowe Park Hospital!

Kerrie has nominated the wonderful Katie from Arrowe Park Hospital to be crowned NICU Superhero this week.

Kerrie's son, Freddie, was transferred to Arrowe Park Hospital after a traumatic birth.

"Katie was present throughout most of Freddie's time in hospital.

Whilst she wasn't always Freddie's specific nurse, she made an effort to check in with all of us.

Katie has such a great personality that she even managed to make us laugh regularly despite being in a horrible situation.

There are so many amazing nurses working in the NICU. However, the main reason we have nominated Katie is because of the way she approaches each baby and their parents.

She does her job to a very high standard and still has the capacity to make parents smile despite what they are going through.

Katie was the first person to get Freddie out of his incubator for skin-to-skin. She was just as excited as us!

Her skills with babies and parents can't be faulted. Thank you, Katie."

Congratulations, Katie!

Going the extra mile to put parents' minds at ease and make them smile during difficult times can make all the difference to their NICU journeys.

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