NICU Superhero this week is Steph from Singleton Hospital!

13 May 2022

NICU Superhero this week is Steph from Singleton Hospital!

Mel has nominated Steph from Singleton Hospital for our NICU Superhero Award. Congratulations, Steph!

When Mel's son, Jaxon, spent time in the neonatal unit after a traumatic birth, Mel was so grateful for the care that Steph and the whole team at Singleton provided.

"During birth, Jaxon was in an awkward position. He had shoulder dystocia, was starved of oxygen, not breathing, and had no heartbeat.

Thanks to the amazing team at Singleton, he was resuscitated and taken to the NICU where he was immediately placed on cooling treatment.

Steph was incredible with us. She explained everything thoroughly and had all the time and patience in the world. She would re-explain things and answer our never-ending questions.

Steph showed my partner success videos from the cooling treatment and was the biggest support. Her positivity about Jaxon's outcome really got us through.

She was approachable, friendly, professional, calm, thorough, and just incredible with all the precious babies.

We can't thank the team at Singleton Hospital enough for everything they have done for us.

Our amazing little boy is thriving and smashing all his milestones!"

What an inspirational story and touching nomination. The time and patience you give to parents makes a challenging time in their lives that bit easier, Steph. Well done to the whole team at Singleton Hospital for your outstanding care.

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