Parent feedback on the benefits of vCreate

13 March 2024

Parent feedback on the benefits of vCreate

Parents who find themselves in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with their little ones can often find the experience overwhelming. Both Moms and Dads may encounter situations where they are unfamiliar with the procedures, equipment, or medical terminology used in the NICU.

They will also find that they aren’t able to be with their baby 24 hours a day and will need to leave them in the care of the nurses. This can understandably leave parents feeling anxious and apprehensive.

vCreate is a secure video diaries service supporting family engagement in the NICU. Our service enhances the family experience with positive videos, photos and messages for parents to keep forever. Our multi-language feature improves equity of access for all, helping families to feel at ease even when English isn’t their first language.

We consistently hear from parents how our service has helped to ease separation anxiety and provided much needed reassurance during an incredibly difficult time. Below are some comments from parents who have experienced receiving vCreate updates during their little one’s NICU stay:

“I am forever grateful that we had vCreate during our NICU stay. It meant the nurses could capture all the special milestones.”

“Thank you for your amazing service! We have some wonderful videos and photos of our little girl that made a hard time so much easier.”

“My little one is currently in the NICU and having another child at home makes it hard to be there every day. vCreate helps to keep me connected and enables me to see how she is getting on.”

“vCreate was a lifeline. It made sending updates home so much easier than having to find the words.”

Parents have also shared how much they appreciated the videos updates, in particular:

“The vCreate videos reassured us that our little boy was in great hands.”

“The videos gave me so much comfort. I could hear the nurses talking to him and I knew he was being cared for.”

“Watching the videos at night helped me to increase my milk supply when expressing.”

If you work in a NICU and are interested in finding out more about how our service can benefit your unit and help support family engagement, please email us for a demo.