Riley is a brilliant big brother!

08 November 2023

Riley is a brilliant big brother!

Steph has nominated her son, Riley, for our Best Buddy Sibling Award!

When Steph's twins, Jamey and Ellie, were born at 34 weeks gestation, Riley was so brave.

"Jamey and Ellie were born very quickly and unexpectedly.

Riley went to stay with family down south for a week while Mummy and Daddy spent time in the NICU with the twins.

Riley was so brave and such a big boy while he was away from us. This was the first time we had ever been apart.

When Riley came back, he was super excited to meet the twins. He had lots of questions and wanted to give them lots of cuddles.

Now, our twins are 4 months old and Riley's the best big brother ever.

He is always giving the babies cuddles and popping their dummies back in. He loves to help with the bath too.

He is already showing the best relationship with his brother and sister!

We couldn't be more proud."

Well done, Riley!

Jamey and Ellie are lucky to have such a wonderful big brother.

Do you know a super sibling?
If you know a brother or sister that has been very brave whilst their sibling has spent time in hospital, send us an email with their name, a photo, and why they are so amazing!