Rob from St.George's Hospital in Tooting is a NICU Superhero!

10 March 2022

Rob from St.George's Hospital in Tooting is a NICU Superhero!

Rob from St. George's Hospital in Tooting has been nominated for our NICU Superhero Award by Paige.

Paige's son, Harrison, was born at 36 weeks gestation. He had a diagnosis of Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus at his 20-week scan and was admitted to neonatal care when he was born.

This incredible little boy underwent spinal surgery at 2 days old and brain surgery at 2 weeks old.

"Rob has the most loving nature and puts his all into his role to ensure he gives all the babies the care they need.

He gives families all the time in the world and would help in any way possible to make our journey that little bit easier.

Rob always looks out for parents, as well as babies. He makes sure parents are as well as they can be and takes on board everything they say.

Harrison had major problems with feeding and would hold his breath when taking a bottle. Rob was able to assist us by giving us information and support.

The love and care he shows is just phenomenal. He is kind, gentle, and has all the time in the world for families!

We can't thank you enough, Rob. You are a true credit to St. George's Hospital and we will be forever grateful to you."

What touching words, Paige!

Congratulations to you, Rob. The way you care for both babies and families really makes a difference when they are on their neonatal journeys.

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