Samantha from PRM in Glasgow is Charlotte's NICU Superhero

27 December 2019

Samantha from PRM in Glasgow is Charlotte's NICU Superhero

The last nomination for our NICU Superhero Award to be revealed in 2019 comes from Charlotte Rushforth

Charlotte contacted us in October to nominate her NICU Superhero following the birth of her premature twins, Greer and Tavish. They were born at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow and were cared for in the neonatal unit until they were strong enough to go home. Charlotte has nominated Samantha Eddington, here’s Charlotte’s story:

"Our twins decided to come into this world at 29 weeks and 6 days and are now 3 months old (nearly 4 weeks corrected). We spent 64 days in the neonatal unit at the Princess Royal Maternity Hospital.

It’s so hard to nominate just one member of staff from the PRM, because everyone we encountered there is amazing, but Samantha not only cared for our babies, she cared for me at a time when I was as close to rock bottom as I’ve ever been. She convinced me to speak with Alison, the psychologist at the unit, who was and still is a shoulder to lean (and sometimes cry) on.

Our twins both collapsed on the same day, within 12 hours of one another. Samantha started her shift with Greer needing resuscitation and ended it with Tavish doing the same. If not for her quick actions I might not be writing about my children in the present tense today.

Thank you Samantha from the bottom of our hearts. Charlotte, Stuart, Greer and Tavish. xx"

Congratulations to Samantha on your nomination and thank you to Charlotte for getting in touch to share her story. Greer and Tavish look fantastic (see our Facebook page) now at 5 months, we hope the family are enjoying their first Christmas together.

Calling all neonatal units
Why not let the parents in your neonatal unit know about the NICU Superhero Award? We have designed a poster which you can print off and display so that more parents can learn about our quest to unmask those NICU Superheroes out there. You can find the poster here.