Secure video service helps UK baby hospice, Zoë’s Place, keep families connected

27 February 2024

Secure video service helps UK baby hospice, Zoë’s Place, keep families connected

In the UK, it’s estimated that there are more than 49,000 children living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition. Often, many of these children and their families turn to children's hospices like Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice for support. Recognising the complex emotional challenges of families using the hospice, Zoë’s Place in Middlesbrough has implemented an asynchronous video service, vCreate NICU Diaries, to provide vital reassurance to parents.

The secure service allows staff to record and upload short video-clips and photos of the children on approved devices which are then shared directly with parents.

Ashleigh Rickards, Deputy Head of Care at Zoë’s Place, said: “We’ve found sending visual updates are particularly vital for a child’s first sleepover, which is when parents are especially anxious at being apart for what could be the first time in years.”

The technology became a lifeline for families. Rather than interrupting parents’ vital respite time with calls, the video and photo updates provide visual reassurance that their child is settled and happy, helping to enhance communication and reduce separation anxiety during such challenging times.

Ashleigh Rickards said: “A lot of parents use the service to look back on their child’s memories and milestones with us. They never want to miss out on a moment of their child’s experience, and it’s a pleasure to be able to share special memories with them.”

Upon reviewing the impact that vCreate has had on families, Zoë’s Place has received an abundance of positive feedback and continues to utilise this essential service to help keep families connected.

Read the full case study here or email us to request a demo.