Tabatha from Pembury Hospital is Rachael's NICU Superhero!

12 January 2024

Tabatha from Pembury Hospital is Rachael's NICU Superhero!

Rachael has nominated Tabatha from Pembury Hospital for our NICU Superhero Award because she was so encouraging and reassuring during her son's time in neonatal.

"Tabatha was fantastic with our little one and also with us.

We were initially weary of carrying and cuddling him because of how small he was. However, Tabatha put us at ease and explained the benefits of skin-to-skin.

This really helped us bond with our son.

Her patience and genuine interest to support us was amazing.

She ensured we had thorough updates on how our baby was doing.

I'd like to point out that all the staff in the NICU were absolutely amazing in their commitment to ensuring our little boy received the best care."

Congratulations, Tabatha!

Your support during these difficult times means the world to families like Rachael's.

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