#ThePowerOfVideo updates in the NICU

21 March 2024

#ThePowerOfVideo updates in the NICU

vCreate NICU Diaries is a secure video service that supports family engagement in the NICU. vCreate enhances the family experience with positive videos, photos and messages to keep forever.

On our Instagram page this week, we have been asking parents what the video updates, in particular, meant to them during their little one’s NICU stay.

We have been inundated with responses and positive feedback from parents saying how much the video updates meant to them during a challenging time.

Some of the feedback includes:

“Videos that marked special milestones are something that I will treasure forever.”

“Seeing my baby move, showed me what she was actually doing. I knew that she was ok and doing well.”

“Watching the videos helped to increase my milk supply and made me feel at ease.”

“I loved the videos where I could hear the nurses talking or singing to my baby. They provided so much comfort and I knew she was in the best hands.”

To see some of the vCreate video updates that have been sent to parents, click here.

vCreate allows teams to pick the moments they wish to share with families. If a baby has reached an important milestone, a sweet goodnight message, or general updates about how their baby is getting on.

If your unit is interested in finding out more about vCreate, email us for a demo.