Top 25 NICU themed books with author, Sarah Ward, from Reading Through the NICU

07 March 2024

Top 25 NICU themed books with author, Sarah Ward, from Reading Through the NICU

“The more you read, the more you know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” - Dr. Seuss

This World Book Day, we are thrilled to collaborate with author, Sarah Ward from Reading Through the NICU, on a list of the top 25 NICU-themed books.

Over time more NICU books are becoming available, providing stories which parents can relate to and which speak to them on a personal level during an often stressful time.

The list of books below consists of many heart-warming stories about the NICU journey which can be enjoyed in the NICU or when families are back home together:
1) Our NICU Journey – Sarah Immonen Ward
2) Our Preemie Adventure – Adam Wood
3) Our Respiratory Adventure – Adam Wood and Dr. Prem Fort
4) Our NICU Christmas Adventure – Adam Wood and Dr. Prem Fort
5) I Was A Preemie Just Like You – Ali Dunn
6) I need the NICU Just Like You – Ali Dunn
7) From Small Beginnings – Stephanie Laskoskie
8) Hello Little Love! – Melissa Kirsch
9) I Made It: Welcome To The NICU – Shecara Reives
10) I Made It: A Trach Baby Story – Shecara Reives
11) I Made It: Things Are Looking Up – Shecara Reives
12) Supreemie – Nico Shanel
13) The Tiniest Superhero – Ashely Riehl
14) Dear Baby Preemie: A Miracle In The NICU - Jacque Lamont Herman
15) ABCs of the NICU For Preemie Parents - Tracy M. Richard
16) You, Me, and the NICU - Paige Bautz
17) Sammie the Salmon - Debra Kline
18) The Littlest Penguin - Will Hay
19) Baby Buns Can - Melanie Griffin-Hamlin
20) I'll Love You Through the NICU - Carmen DeMata
21) We Are Always With You - Dr. Deborah Simmons
22) By The Time You Came Home - Sara Kitchen
23) Small But Strong - Deidre Grieves
24) Goodnight NICU - Allison Kleinschmidt
25) Kangaroo Care, Please? - Jasmine Mago

Reading to babies during their time in the NICU can have lasting benefits for both the child and their parents, including:

-Promoting growth and development
Some studies have shown that reading to your baby can help to promote both memory and neurological development long after they have left the unit.

-Reducing stress
The NICU can be a strange and daunting place for families and reading a book aloud can help both parents and babies to enjoy some quiet bonding time together.

-Soothing the baby
Babies can recognise and respond to their parents’ voices, and hearing you speak reassures them that they are secure and loved.

We understand that it’s not always possible for parents to be in the NICU with their baby. vCreate has a parent voices feature that enables families, including siblings, to securely send in videos of them reading or singing, which can then be played at the baby’s cot side. This makes it possible for babies to hear their parents’ voices even when they are unable to be physically present.

If you work in a NICU and are interested in using our service to keep families connected in a secure and safe way, please send us an email for more information.