Vlady from Musgrove Park Hospital is Lauren's NICU Superhero!

13 October 2023

Vlady from Musgrove Park Hospital is Lauren's NICU Superhero!

When Lauren's twin boys, Archie and Alfie, were born at 35 weeks gestation, they had difficulty breathing and feeding. They spent 3 weeks in Musgrove Park Hospital's NICU with breathing and feeding tubes. During this time, Lauren was so grateful for Vlady's care.

"Whilst the boys were at Musgrove Park Hospital, they received excellent care.

Vlady will always hold a place in our hearts.

During this hard time in our lives, not only did Vlady care for our boys so well, she also cared for us too.

She made sure that as parents we felt in control and involved in our children's care.

Vlady taught us how to use the medical equipment so that we could also provide the care our babies needed.

This helped us to bond with our babies even at times when they were too poorly to be handled.

Vlady deserves recognition for all her hard work.

Thank you!"

Congratulations, Vlady!

The way you ensure parents feel involved in their children's care makes a huge difference.

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