We are celebrating your preemie journeys this Prematurity Awareness Month!

01 November 2021

We are celebrating your preemie journeys this Prematurity Awareness Month!

It’s November which can only mean one thing – Prematurity Awareness Month!

We know what a huge, life-changing moment giving birth to a baby early is. It’s the heart-wrenching change to all your plans, the information overload about something you’d never contemplated, the blinding fear that something could happen to your tiny baby.

It’s so many scary, angry, sad emotions but it’s also a time of wonder. Suddenly you have a little fighter who changes before your eyes every day – getting bigger, stronger and healthier!

Prematurity Awareness Month is a time to shine a light on all these emotions and give a voice to the families of premature babies, both past and present.

Last year, we shared your #ProudPurpleSelfies and messages of positivity with our community.

This year, we’re sharing your preemie journeys and how far your little miracles have come in a picture campaign.

Keep an eye on our social media this November where we’ll be sharing your little miracle’s photos from when they were born and from a recent milestone with the hashtag #LookAtMeNow.

Sometimes pictures really are worth a thousand words, and we want families going through their own premature birth journeys to know they are not alone and that things will get better, even if they may not be able to see it right now.

Your #LookAtMeNow photos will help tell your preemie stories, celebrating the amazing milestones your little fighter has achieved, and will also give hope to others that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The journey from the neonatal unit to home can be a long one and the journey doesn't end there, but there are so many special moments along the way that we'd like to help you celebrate.

We will be sharing your #LookAtMeNow photos on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and celebrating your little fighters throughout November so keep an eye out for lots of #PreemiePower.