vCreate Launch Game Changing Personalised Video for the Recruitment Industry

14 March 2017

vCreate Launch Game Changing Personalised Video for the Recruitment Industry

Today (14th March) marks the launch of vCreate for Recruiters, the award-winning personalised video platform. vCreate has developed a solution to the issues of candidate fall off and rebates, by helping recruitment consultants place the right candidate first time.

vCreate's advanced tracking and monitoring enables recruiters to analyse candidates' attitude and interest in real-time - information that goes much deeper than what a candidate has published on their CV or on LinkedIn. The data recruiters can access from vCreate takes on even more relevance in competitive candidate pools with fine margins. Active engagement by candidates on vCreate likely signals proactiveness and confidence - two timeless skills most recruiters would agree are crucial.

Until now, recruiters have told us that they have relied on Skype and Facetime to stage candidate initial screenings and first-stage interviews on behalf of their clients; however, as we saw with the recent video-bomb of Professor Robert Kelly, by his babies, during a live BBC interview on the political crisis in South Korea; unplanned and unscripted events, can, and do happen. In the long-term though the level of unpredictability that comes with tools such as Skype and Facetime, is no longer sustainable for recruitment companies focused on delivering value through a seamless and innovative client experience.

vCreate puts control back into the hands of the recruiter by making personalised video easy and affordable, whilst also providing candidates access to video recording functions increasing their chance of placement.

The on-demand nature of vCreate means that videos can be made ahead of time, and errors that are not in tune with your brand, or disrupt the video's flow, can be edited via the user-interface. In addition, built in teleprompting features and graphic elements make adding moving text, logos, and graphics to videos straightforward.

Ben Moore, Founder of vCreate said of the launch: "I genuinely feel that vCreate could be a real game changer for the recruitment industry. In a fiercely competitive market, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. Imagine your client receiving a video with a personal intro from you and your shortlisted candidates. And then being able to decide who to interview over any device at a time to suit them. On top of that, recruiters can pinpoint who has watched their clips, what they've watched, and for how long."

There's also scope to completely personalise vCreate with your own branding, ensuring that the videos you send to your clients have maximum impact. The recruiters that we have spoken to highly rate this feature, because it gives them the opportunity to demonstrate to their clients intelligent use of digital technologies, sets them apart from their competitors, and allows them to measure ROI through detailed viewer analytics.