vCreate Launch New Fundraising Campaign to Refurb and Refresh Family Rooms in Neonatal Units

19 March 2018

vCreate Launch New Fundraising Campaign to Refurb and Refresh Family Rooms in Neonatal Units

Family rooms provide a haven for parents of premature or poorly babies who need space to relax, make a cup of tea, or spend some quality time with other siblings.

Following discussions with unit leaders and nursing staff at NHS Neonatal Units, vCreate is excited to announce details of our latest fundraising campaign to support parents of babies born too soon. “Neonatal Family Room Refurb or Refresh” is a project that aims to improve family rooms in neonatal units across the UK.

The neonatal unit is not where parents expected to be, but by doing everything we can to enhance parent facilities, we can help to improve the wellbeing of parents, whilst also ensuring that parents have a space in the neonatal unit that is near to their child.

vCreate is calling out to all parents who have experienced preterm birth and whose baby has been cared for in a neonatal unit to donate whatever they can to support the ongoing improvement of family rooms areas in their local unit through the campaign’s GoFundMe page.

Parents who are currently using the vCreate Neonatal Video System at a neonatal unit that is not being sponsored by the hospital’s charity, or that is being funded by a corporate sponsor, will have the opportunity to donate to the Refurb and Refresh from within the vCreate App. Alternatively, parents who have benefited from vCreate videos, but no longer have a vCreate account, can donate directly on the GoFundMe page. Don’t forget to leave the name of the unit that you would like your donation to go to in the comments box so that we can ensure your donation is received by the unit of your choice.

Ben Moore, Founder of vCreate, said: “We are thrilled to launch the Refurb and Refresh project to raise funds for refurbishing family rooms in NHS Neonatal Units; we recognise how important these spaces are for parents’ wellbeing and are keen to support units to upgrade and enhance their facilities.”

The money raised from this campaign will go towards enhancing facilities and furnishings in family rooms, including wall art, coffee and tea stations, TVs, comfy chairs, new carpet, plants, as well as books and toys for siblings.