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vCreate are Proud to be Featured in the BMJ

30 October 2018

vCreate are Proud to be Featured in the BMJ

vCreate are proud to have been featured in a recent piece for the BMJ, as one of the initiatives helping to keep families of patients updated when they are receiving medical care. The article looked at how hospitals are having to find a balance between the need for staff to keep families and carers of patients informed, and the time this can take.

Family Integrated Care is a model of care which is doing just that, helping to involve the parents of babies in neonatal units in their baby's care, wherever possible. Dr Neil Patel from the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, is a great advocate of FICare, and he talked to the BMJ about the great work his unit are doing to support parents, and the impact vCreate video updates are having on families, whilst helping to reduce phone calls to the unit during busy periods.

You can view the BMJ article here.