How Personalised Video Marketing is Helping UK Estate Agents Stand Out

03 April 2017

How Personalised Video Marketing is Helping UK Estate Agents Stand Out

The trigger of Article 50 by Theresa May last week saw property marketing firm Hometrack predict a house price growth rise in the UK of 4% in 2017; whilst founder and CEO of, Russell Quirk, commented in the Sun that: “Brexit has not managed to deter the UK property market. It’s bulletproof and teflon coated.”

Brexit’s impact on buyer confidence and property sales remains to be seen; however, most estate agents would agree that competition is at an all time high, so standing out from other agents, both locally and nationally, is more important than ever in order to secure instructions and conversions.

Estate agents are recognising the need for adding greater levels of personalisation to the home buying experience; and, like the healthcare and telecoms industries, are considering cost-effective and sustainable methods for adding value to their customers’ experience. Technology and the use of video to translate property benefits, over and above the expected picture galleries, is not a first for the property sector (73% of homeowners would be more likely to list with an agent who uses video to market their home).

Estate agents that have already experimented with video as part of their sales and marketing plans, previously paid video production crews on a property-by-property basis for video; a methodology that worked out time and budget intensive.

Thanks to smartphones and affordable video cameras, it is becoming easier than ever for estate agents to create high quality video content using the resources they have internally. For many business owners or managers in the property sector, knowing that their are tools out there that enable them to customise, edit, and mail their video creations to their prospective customers is one of the reasons why personalised video marketing in the property sector is really taking off.

Taking a call on where to host video content is another important consideration for property firms ready to embrace this trend. Historically done through YouTube; the use of such a public platform is a legitimate concern for some agents, due to brand safety concerns; their properties could be shown (at best) next to a video for dancing cats, or (at worst) next to extremist or inappropriate content, and that could negatively impact on the buyer’s decision.

The downsides of public video platforms coupled with industry insights that identified a clear gap for real-time, measurable on-demand personalised video that adds value, were the catalyst for Ben Moore, to launch self-service personalised video platform, vCreate:

“Video brings a product to life, creating an emotional connection that plays a key part in the decision to buy your home. Personalising this experience adds enormous value to both vendors and buyers alike and is a key differentiator. The data generated by this approach gives estate agents all the insights they need to constantly monitor and improve their processes, keeping customers happier for longer.”

For more information on how vCreate can support your property sales and marketing efforts, head over to our website, or call customer success on 0333 121 8422.