Linda from Glasgow has become your first PICU Superstar!

11 June 2020

Linda from Glasgow has become your first PICU Superstar!

We recently launched our new PICU Superstar Award to help celebrate the wonderful work of those caring for critically ill children in Paediatric Intensive Care Units. Today, we are delighted to share the first nomination ...

Lorraine Pollock has nominated her family's PICU Superstar on behalf of herself, her husband Craig, and their little girl Robyn. Robyn is 9 months old today (happy 9 months to you) and spent three months in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow earlier this year. Lorraine has been incredibly kind about the entire team on the unit, but as families are only allowed to nominate one person, this is who Lorraine chose:

"I would like to nominate Linda Paterson from Glasgow Children's Hospital for the PICU Superstar Award. Linda not only gave exceptional care to our little girl whilst she was in PICU for 3 months, but also took the time to get to know us as parents. We felt like she cared about us as Robyn's mum and dad and could feel her genuine care for our little girl. That's not to take away from each and every member of staff we came across, who were all amazing, but with Linda we just felt that little bit extra that keeps you going.

One of the things I loved most about Linda looking after Robyn, was that she knew her so well. She knew everything about her, what she liked and disliked, what medicines didn't work great with her and just generally, she knew when she wasn't herself. We got to know Linda the most and I always felt a sense of calm when she was looking after her, but all of the nurses and doctors who took care of our girl were incredible.

They are a fantastic unit, the care given to Robyn was second to none. Every single member of staff that we came across was kind, helpful and just generally lovely. As a team, we think they are the best and I'm sure Robyn agrees, they saved her life on more than one occasion whilst she was in PICU which we are eternally grateful for."

Congratulations to Linda for becoming our first PICU Superstar … we'll be skipping off to post your certificate and rosette just as soon as it stops raining! Thank you to Lorraine for sharing your nomination and adorable photos of your little lady.

Nominate Your PICU Superstar

Read all about the award here and contact us to nominate one member of the PICU team that cared for your child (yes we know they are ALL fabulous but we can't give them all certificates and rosettes!). You can contact us via email.