Rebecca knows two PICU Superstars, little Darci-Rae and Heather

30 June 2020

Rebecca knows two PICU Superstars, little Darci-Rae and Heather

Today's nomination for our PICU Superstar Award was sent in by Rebecca, on behalf of her, Malcolm and their family.

Darci-Rae was born prematurely and arrived 3 and a half weeks early, she spent 8 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit before heading home. Born with a hole in her heart, little Darci-Rae needed a heart operation and was admitted to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow. Now 4 months old, she is proving to be the ultimate little fighter and has the support of a fantastic team of people looking out for her. Rebecca and Malcolm would like to thank the whole team of course, but could only nominate one PICU Superstar for our award, here's what Rebecca told us:

"I would like to nominate Heather Gibson in PICU - she is amazing and always sends me photos of my beautiful baby girl. Little Darci-Rae has been in PICU for nearly 6 weeks now and has tackled so much for such a little person. It's a very difficult time but the photos always give us a little comfort and boost when we aren't visiting.

We knew Darci-Rae needed a heart operation when she was born, but she's now had two, she then developed sepsis and further complications. It's been a difficult few weeks so far and no end in sight at the moment. We're so grateful to Heather for helping to make it a little easier."

Rebecca and Malcolm have a lot of love for the whole PICU team caring for their girl and wanted to give a shout out to, "Lesley, Chantelle, Charli, Caitlin and Catherine ... too many to mention." We know Heather and her colleagues will be delighted to read what their support means to you and your family Rebecca, well done team PICU. Rebecca has shared some lovely photos of Darci-Rae that have been taken by the team and you can see them here.

Nominate Your PICU Superstar

To nominate a member of the PICU team that has cared for, or is caring for your child, send us an email. You can read more about the award here. We love making a big fuss of them!