Supporting NHS Digital Health Goals with Innovative Tech

06 December 2023

Supporting NHS Digital Health Goals with Innovative Tech

In recent years, the NHS has taken big steps towards digital transformation and continues to make progress through its 2022 Digital Health and Social Care Plan. One of the primary objectives outlined in the plan is the enhancement of digital technologies, particularly in the realm of diagnostics. The main aims of introducing diagnostic services are to improve diagnostic accuracy, reduce patient wait times and minimise unnecessary referrals.

Among the many solutions making a significant impact is vCreate's secure clinical video service. vCreate plays a vital role within many services, including Neurology (e.g Epilepsy, Speech and Language Therapy, Autism assessment etc.), by providing a secure platform for patients and caregivers to share smartphone-recorded videos and metadata with clinicians for review.

One key benefit of vCreate is its ability to support diagnostic accuracy. By allowing clinicians to remotely assess patient-recorded videos, teams can gain valuable insights into a patient's condition without having to wait for an in-person appointment where specific events or symptoms may not occur. Clinicians can replay videos and review them alongside answers to bespoke questionnaires for a comprehensive assessment of the event.

Understanding the benefit of connection within healthcare, vCreate also allows clinicians to communicate with patients/carers, request additional videos or context, and share patient videos with colleagues for second opinions. A 2022 Health Improvement Scotland report found that clinicians felt “more reassured in their diagnosis” having gained rapid access to tertiary expert review using vCreate’s clinician-to-clinician feature.

Accessible on any device any time, the service is also available in multiple languages, allowing clinicians to communicate with patients/caregivers effectively, without the challenge of language barriers.

Another notable impact of vCreate is the reduction of unnecessary referrals. By enabling clinicians to remotely identify non-epileptic events, vCreate prevents the scheduling of unnecessary appointments, investigations and treatment, ensuring patients/carers are reassured as soon as possible. Not only does the service save valuable time for both healthcare providers and patients, but it’s also contributing to a more streamlined and efficient healthcare system.

To learn how vCreate can benefit your service or request a demo please visit our website or send us an email.