This week's Best Buddy Sibling Award goes to, Jeremiah!

13 January 2021

This week's Best Buddy Sibling Award goes to, Jeremiah!

Jeremiah's Mum, Nadia, wanted to nominate her wonderful son for our Best Buddy Sibling Award! Jeremiah's brother, Neriah, was born 7 weeks early at John Radcliffe Hospital.

"Due to visiting restrictions, Jeremiah did not meet his brother until he came home 24 days after he was born.

I was in the hospital for 5 weeks before Neriah was born and Jeremiah was the bravest, most caring, and understanding boy.

Jeremiah is the sweetest big brother and reads to Neriah all the time!"

Jeremiah sounds like a really brave young man and is very deserving of this award. With visiting restrictions currently in place, it is especially hard for siblings and it sounds like Jeremiah has been very understanding throughout. Neriah is very lucky to have such a super brother to read stories to him!

Congratulations to you, Jeremiah. Look out for your certificate and goodies in the post!

Our Best Buddy Sibling Award

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