We’re off to a Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

29 August 2018

We’re off to a Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

This Sunday 2nd September, vCreate are heading to Leeds City Museum, to attend the Leeds Centre for Newborn Care’s Neonatal Summer Event.

The Centre for Newborn Care at Leeds Children’s Hospital, one of the largest neonatal services in the UK, is holding a special event to recruit “veteran parents”, who have first-hand experience of life in the neonatal unit. They are looking for volunteers to join their team, to offer peer support to families with sick or preterm babies receiving specialist neonatal care, as speaking with someone who has "walked in your shoes", can provide a comfort like no other.

The event will also showcase the Family Integrated Care initiatives that are being used in the city, to help improve life for families with babies spending weeks, and sometimes months, in the neonatal unit.

We'll be looking to learn more about initiatives in Leeds, such as the Super Sibs scheme, which supports the siblings of sick and premature babies and Beads of Courage. We’ll also be talking about how vCreate Secure Video Messaging is being used at St James Hospital in Leeds, to help connect parents with their babies when they are away from the unit.

There will be activities for children of all ages, including face painting and arts and crafts, and we’re looking forward to meeting former NICU families and their little warriors...we hope to see you there!